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Plumbing - Water Heaters

We always have most of the regular water heaters in stock that you would need to replace your old one with. These water heaters come with five & six year warranties.


We offer the following sizes, all of which are side fill......

20 gal.....120 volt ... 18"dia. x 25"tall...
30 gal.....120 volt ... 22"dia. x 29.5 tall...
30 gal.....240 volt ... 22"dia. x 29.5 tall...
30 gal.....240 volt ... 18"dia. x 45.25 tall...
40 gal.....240 volt ... 22"dia. x 47.25 tall...

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A Laptop ComputerIIn addition to these water heaters, we also have most of the repair parts in stock such as, heater elements, element wrench, thermostats, T&P valve, drip pans, continuity tester, pipe fittings and a large variety of hose connectors.



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